Your $50 donation provides one box of books to a needy family.

What is a mobile library?

Words Change Lives

A mobile book library takes books to families who may otherwise not have access to educational books or ways to learn.

One of the ways that our mobile libraries change lives is by serving the homeless with words. Those words can be priceless to the homeless who are so often hopeless. Why don’t we deliver food? Because words change and even save lives.

Our homeless friends tell us; “We get fed five times a day if we want at shelters.” And while those ministries are vital to survival it’s our mission to deliver the power of words. 

At the heart of every mobile library is the drive to change lives with words. 


Books and the power to read and grow is one of the most powerful things we can give to youth and homeless. The words that we share can change a life and even save a life. Through the donations of leaders, these books create an opportunity for a life to change course. 

Words Save Lives

We deliver inspiring books to children's homes, orphanages, homeless families, and underprivileged teens and adults in an effort to save lives, educate fathers and restore individuals and if possible, families. Books save lives. More than a meal, words live on in the heart, inspiring us to alter our belief systems. Have you ever been in a place where you felt stuck? Words heal broken lives.

The Face of Homelessness in America

 Words are Currency™ and when we can deliver books to the homeless, at risk youth and homeless families we can change lives. Whether it’s a kid or an adult we can change generations. We can prevent crime, overcome loneliness and we can help shift their mindset.

Are you ready to create an impact in your area? Reach out to us at and we would love to help you get connected to serving in your area!

Meet the Team

Tammy Kling

Mobile Book Library Founder & CEO Tammy Kling, has worked with the homeless and hopeless for decades after her own father committed suicide when she was seven. He was not homeless. But he had lost hope. She has dedicated her life to helping change lives with words. 

Kailey Hulen

OnFire Books Intern, Kailey, has been serving and organizing service events for 3 years. A true servant leader, her passion is helping others see their gifts and bringing hope and joy in 

Tiarra Tompkins

OnFire Books Vice President, Tiarra Tompkins has been serving alongside Tammy Kling for 12 years. Watching generations of abuse, Tiarra serves to help break generational curses and creating hope and change through mentor-ship.

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